Wonder Woman

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Unless you're a true comic guy geek, you would be hard pushed to list that many female superheroes. The obvious ones are Susan Storm - AKA Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four, Supergirl, Black Widow and of course, Diana Prince. If you thought Cat Woman, you'd be wrong, as she's a baddie, alongside the likes of Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Theresa May.

The point is, despite there being quite a large roster of superheroines, most of them have nowhere near the same high profile as the majority of super men in Lycra.

The lasso-wielding wonder first appeared in print in 1941, where she was a part of the Justice League and also had solo adventures. In the mid seventies, she appeared in her own TV series in the US, starring Lynda Carter as the eponymous superhero; although fondly remembered by those that watched it, the show actually only lasted three series.

It wasn't until last year's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that this iconic character, at 75-years-old, made her first big screen appearance, in a cameo.

And now Israeli-born Gal Gadot reprises her role, lasso and all, for Wonder Woman's first full-length feature.

boom reviews Wonder Woman
Itches on the back are the worst to scratch.

If you're looking for the island of Themyscira on TripAdvisor, you may struggle to find it. To say that it is well hidden is an understatement, as it is literally off the radar. Living there is Princess Diana (Gadot), along with many other of her kind - Amazonian women. They are a strong race, who know how to look after themselves, and without men to screw things up, live a truly civilised existence.

This calm is soon uprooted when a plane - piloted by Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) - crashes off of the island's coast. He is being hounded by a German cruiser, with a crew of Nazi's wanting him dead.

Diana comes to his rescue, but it's at a price, as many of her fellow warriors are murdered by unfamiliar weapons - guns.

After Steve tells her of what's happening in his world, with a war to end all wars, Diana believes it's her duty to leave her home behind and put a stop to this evil. She feels she's the perfect woman for the job, as she has special powers that will help fight the enemy.

Steve agrees to take her, and the pair sail off to England, where he puts together a small band of men to help them reach the front, and prevent the Germans from unleashing a super power all of their own, a deadly gas.

boom reviews Wonder Woman
Oh no, that's all we need, some fully clothed superheroes on their way...

Although this current trend for superhero flicks doesn't look like letting up any time soon, at least this entry features a strong leading woman. And it has to be said, Gadot is perfect casting for this particular woman of wonder. Not only does she have the necessary physical presence, she has a believable emotional core too. This is helped by the warm and sweet relationship that develops between herself and Chris Pine's character. It's this emotional connect that drives the film from beginning to end. The problem is, we've seen it all before.

If you transpose Wonder Woman for Captain America, and then do the same with Steve Trevor and agent Peggy Carter, this feature is virtually a carbon copy of Captain America: First Avenger; not only do you have the blossoming romance between a superhero and a member of the armed forces, it's also set during a world war with the baddies being German. Is it a bird? is it a plane? Nope, it's originality with a cape around its neck, flying out the window.

And one thing that is a real annoyance is toy violence; Ms Wonder is battling through a war zone, deflecting bullets into enemy foe left, right and centre. However, these bullets must be of the magic variety as there is no blood whatsoever. But it's not just bullets. At one point she removes a very large sword from an enemy, and despite being halfway through him, when she removes it, it's as clean as a really sparkly clean thing. So it can be assumed that no one who fought in WW1 actually had blood in their veins. Fact.

And although it's great that a woman directed this feature, it's disappointing that Patty Jenkins did a less than super job. The film is severely long, with scenes that just drag their heels and refuse to leave the screen. So much so that the only wonder you may feel is the wonder of when it will all end. This isn't a huge surprise considering that this is only the second film to be directed by Jenkins, the first being Monster, from fourteen years ago. Hardly the track record you would expect to helm such a blockbuster. Yes more women should direct more of these type of films, but only if they have the mettle for it. Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty for example, would have been a far more superior fit.

It's a real shame as the premise of Wonder Woman certain has legs, as it were. There's no reason why a strong, female character can't take centre stage and save the world like her male counterparts. But this average entry isn't the best way to go about it. The fact that not only Wonder Woman but Gal Gadot will both return, is welcome news, but the story has to be both original and well told to make it truly heroic.

we give this three out of five